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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Here you will find information on my company, how to contact us, and a little about us.

Mimesis SA is a Cooperative Society (SA) enterprise with the purpose of offering services within the fields of journalism, writing, photography, workshops and consulting, graphic design and production.

Coperative members are Ida Welhaven Heiberg and Toralf Sandåker, and the company works with other enterprises and organisations only. Mimesis SA is a registered company in Norway.

Mimesis SA was registered on 25. January 2010. The company mission is simply to conduct business on behalf of its members—primarily communication skills services in the fields of media, education and technology.

From my start-up in 2000 Toralf has been a regular editorial contributor to the trade magazine AGI Norsk Grafisk Tidsskrift—the Norwegian department of Scandinavia's leading graphic arts magazine—and in 2001 he joined the editorial staff of the trade magazine Fotografi—Norway's leading photography magazine through more than 40 years. These are still among his most important clients.

Toralf is a member of the Norwegian Union of Journalists.

Rates and terms
Primarily, the terms for all jobs should be agreed upon before the job starts. Our rates are available on requests, and they reflect the competition among Norwegian service providers in our fields. We prefer to maintain contact via email and phone. Our invoices are sent by email, as PDF files.

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