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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Writing, photography, language services, advertising & graphic design

Translations from English to Norwegian is much like writing non-fiction, and just as much about understanding the subject as being able to convey the message with an appropriate language.

We provide text and language services to magazines, publishers and companies, for publishing on web or paper.

Visual communication is more about effective use of design and composition for the benefit of targeted perception than just 'looking good'.

We have a functional approach to photography, design and imaging. We enjoy seducing people so they will grab the real message instead of just being flattered by esthetics. When we do photography, design or deliver finished jobs from concept to product, the goals of the project count more than esthetics itself. But visual form is nevertheless important. Good visual representations help the messages to reach their audiences, and to please or provoke, as needed.

Though our mother tongue is Norwegian, we also provide articles and translations in English, as long as we are familiar with the subject. We have more than 30 years of experience in using English as a daily language in work and studies, and are able to communicate effectively with a non-native language without 'bells and whistles'.

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