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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Consulting, training, presentations
and project services

It pays to hire an experienced consultant when you change the ways you are using technology or when you invest in new technological tools. A consultant will guide you around the pitfalls and through the challenges.

But change itself is not something you can turn over to an outsider. An external advisor can only help his client to make the right decisions and benefit from the change processes by providing his experience, expertise and well documented questions.

An independent consultant is not tied up to any vendors or service providers, and will give unbiased advice and facts beyond what is obtainable by salesmen and dealers.

We don't sell any products or services other than our own skills. So there is no risk we will recommend a solution because we will make a profit if our suggestions are followed.

When you hire our knowledge and general experience, you will of course not have access to specific information on how our other clients do their business. Just as they will never receive any specific information on you.

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